Thursday, July 29, 2010

Predictions and "Grade-ictions" Series

Blair Betts
2009/2010 Regular season stats: 8G 10A +7
2010 Playoff stats: 1G 1A -4
Grade: A-

Last summer Blair Betts was at the Flyers Skate Zone on a tryout invitation. He had played no less than 66 games for the Rangers for four straight years before 2009, yet no one would guarantee him a contract. He later signed a one year deal with the Flyers worth $550,000 (Riley Cote made $525,000 last season by the way).

Betts turned out to be an enormous contributor on the Flyers penalty kill last season. If the Flyers needed a defensive zone faceoff win, Betts was the guy to take it. If the Flyers needed a blocked shot or an energy shift, Betts was the guy to give it. For what he was paid and what the team thought he would give them, Betts exceeded all expectations.

He's going to miss possibly up to the end of November this season and his faceoff percentage and PK expertise will be missed.

2010/2011 Predictions: 5G 8A +5

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