Monday, July 26, 2010

Predictions and "Grade-ictions" Series

Darroll Powe
2009/2010 Regular season stats: 9G 6A +0
2010 Playoff stats: 0G 1A -2
Grade: B+

Powe had a fairly average regular season for a fourth liner. He did however come up big in the playoffs. His point totals may not show it, but when Ian Laperriere went down with an injury in the Eastern Conference quarterfinal, Darroll Powe logged some huge penalty kill minutes. He was blocking shots, clearing pucks and giving players like Mike Richards and Blair Betts a much deserved break.

There's not much more to expect from Powe in 2010/2011. He's still going to be a fourth line player and log some good minutes on the second PK unit.

2010/2011 Predictions: 8G 10A +1

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